4 Myths About Acne To Help You Understand How To Treat It

Many people suffer from acne and are unclear about how to clear it up. This is mostly due to the myths that surround how acne is caused and how to clear it up. Here are four myths that you should know the truth behind:

  1. Popping Clears Pimples: Although it's easy to do, popping pimples is not a great way to clear your skin. Not only can popping pimples leave scars, but it also spreads the bacteria causing acne flare-ups elsewhere. Unfortunately, pimples can show up at a time when you want to have fresh, clear skin, such as the day before your wedding, prom, or other special events. In this case, it's best to use a spot treatment recommended by your dermatologist that should, at the very least, minimize the size of a pimple, which makes it easier to cover up. 
  2. Stress Causes Acne: The truth behind this myth is that when people stress, they tend to touch their face either to rub their temples, rub their eyes or even rub the sides of their cheeks. Your hands are one part of your body that carries the most bacteria that you don't want to come near your face. The bacteria is going to immediately get under your pores. So, it's not the stress that causes the acne, it's the face touching, which is something to be mindful of at all times, especially when you're stressed. 
  3. The More You Wash Your Face, The Clearer Your Skin Will Be: Washing your face regularly is important to remove dirt and excess oils. However, you shouldn't be overwashing your face, which will only irritate it. This typically will cause your skin to dry out. Dry skin can get clogged in your pores and cause acne. So be sure that you are only washing in the morning and at night with products and only gently washing with water and soap in the afternoon if you feel it is necessary. 
  4. Make-Up Causes Acne: Finally, many people avoid wearing makeup because they are fearful that it will cause acne. However, this is only the case if you are wearing the wrong type of makeup. You should purchase makeup that is oil free because this will not clog your pores and shouldn't make a difference when it comes to acne flare-ups. 

When you know these four myths about acne, you can be sure that you know how to better treat your own flare-ups and keep your skin clear. Contact local professionals, such as those from Northwest Dermatology, for further assistance.