How To Take Care Of Dry Skin

Dry skin can become itchy and flaky. When this happens it can make life very uncomfortable. If you’re having problems with dry skin, you need to start taking action to relieve the symptoms. Just a few simple changes in your skincare routine can go a long way in helping to relieve your symptoms. Bath and Shower Carefully  If you’re not careful, baths and showers can make dry skin worse. You need to find ways to keep the moisture in your skin.

What Happens During A Screening For Skin Cancer

Are you worried about being at risk for melanoma, and want to visit a dermatologist for a skin cancer screening? You’ll likely want to learn more about what happens so that you can be prepared.  Suspicious Moles Will Be Photographed And Scanned Your dermatologist will want to keep track of any moles on your body that look peculiar. This could be due to them being an odd color compared to the rest of your moles, lacking a defined border, or being an irregular shape.