How Is Skin Cancer Treated Through Surgery?

When skin cancer is diagnosed, the first step of treatment is removing the primary lesion. For many people, this step is sufficient to treat their cancer. Dermatologists use different surgical techniques to remove cancerous lesions depending on the lesions’ placement and the type of cancer detected. Your dermatologist will lay out your treatment options and give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your treatment. Here are three types of surgery that can be used to treat skin cancer:

How To Take Care Of Dry Skin

Dry skin can become itchy and flaky. When this happens it can make life very uncomfortable. If you’re having problems with dry skin, you need to start taking action to relieve the symptoms. Just a few simple changes in your skincare routine can go a long way in helping to relieve your symptoms. Bath and Shower Carefully  If you’re not careful, baths and showers can make dry skin worse. You need to find ways to keep the moisture in your skin.

What Happens During A Screening For Skin Cancer

Are you worried about being at risk for melanoma, and want to visit a dermatologist for a skin cancer screening? You’ll likely want to learn more about what happens so that you can be prepared.  Suspicious Moles Will Be Photographed And Scanned Your dermatologist will want to keep track of any moles on your body that look peculiar. This could be due to them being an odd color compared to the rest of your moles, lacking a defined border, or being an irregular shape.

Signs That You Might Want to Seek Out a Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer is not a pleasant subject to think about, but it’s also a problem that can be treated and recovered from if the patient detects the problem and seeks out skin cancer treatment early enough. To that end, if you suspect you might have a developing problem, it’s important to contact a local expert who can provide skin cancer screening in order to find out exactly what’s going on. To that end, here are some of the warning signs that you might want to keep an eye out for.

Why Take Advantage Of Mole Check Service?

Moles are areas of raised skin that are usually darker than the surrounding area. They can be light brown, dark brown, or even reddish in color. Many moles are benign, but some moles are cancerous. The only way to find out if a mole is cancerous or benign is to see a dermatologist for an official diagnosis. Here are four reasons to take advantage of the mole check service provided by a dermatologist:

3 Ways To Get Your Legs Ready For Wearing Shorts

With winter over, many parts of the country are finally enjoying warmer weather. Soon, the temperatures will really start soaring and it will be time to break out your summer wardrobe. Before that happens, you’ll want to make sure your legs are sexy and smooth so that you can finally wear your shorts. If your legs need some attention before that happens, here are three ways to get your legs ready for wearing shorts.

The Benefits Of Vaginal Rejuvenation

How women feel about their bodies can be a sensitive topic. It becomes even more sensitive when the area a woman is concerned about is her private area. Fortunately, however, for women who have concerns about the appearance of their vaginas or the tightness of their vaginas, there are now medical options that can help them. These options are often collectively referred to as vaginal rejuvenation treatments. There are a variety of different treatments available, but the great thing about them is that they can offer excellent benefits to the women who undergo these procedures, enabling them to feel better about themselves and their bodies.

Mole Removal Questions And Concerns Patients Frequently Need Addressed

Moles can be unsightly blemishes that can cause you to become self-conscious about your appearance. While it is possible to have a mole removed, you will want to ensure you have a basic understanding about this procedure so that you can decide if it is right for your healthcare needs. Are There Practical Reasons For Removing A Mole? While a mole can be an embarrassing blemish to have, there can be important health benefits that may come with having moles removed.

4 Tips To Ensure That Halloween Doesn't Ruin Your Skin

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to break out of your shell and dress as someone else. On top of this, there’s tons of candy to eat and lots of other interesting costumes to see. However, Halloween also provides ample opportunity for you to do some serious damage to your skin. Here are four tips for ensuring that this doesn’t happen to you: Wash the Makeup Off:  If you are putting makeup on your face as part of your costume, you have to thoroughly wash it off at the end of the night.

2 Tips To Improve Your Healing Time After Laser Resurfacing

The most expensive skin care products and scrubs can only accomplish so much. In some cases, they may not work to get rid of stubborn acne. This type of acne needs to be removed using a more aggressive procedure. If you’re suffering from severe acne, then a laser resurfacing procedure may be the next best step. This procedure helps to get rid of old skin and expose new layers. After the procedure is complete, you will notice smoother skin that is usually free of acne.

4 Myths About Acne To Help You Understand How To Treat It

Many people suffer from acne and are unclear about how to clear it up. This is mostly due to the myths that surround how acne is caused and how to clear it up. Here are four myths that you should know the truth behind: Popping Clears Pimples: Although it’s easy to do, popping pimples is not a great way to clear your skin. Not only can popping pimples leave scars, but it also spreads the bacteria causing acne flare-ups elsewhere.

Natural Home Remedy For Calming The Inflammation And Irritation Of Eczema

If you have eczema, you may wonder if there is anything you can do at home to calm your skin’s inflammation, irritation and itchiness. If so, use the following home remedy using natural ingredients you can find in pharmacies, natural food stores, and some grocery stores.     What You Will Need Before you begin, gather the following supplies and ingredients. Medium-sized bowl with lid One cup of steel-cut or rolled oatmeal One cup of aloe vera juice 10 drops of lavender oil Wooden tongue depressor Plastic wrap Washcloth and towel Steel-cut or rolled oatmeal provides the base of this treatment.

How To Prevent Skin Dryness During The Winter

As the winter season arrives, so does the harsh, cold air. The cold air often causes skin to dry and crack, but the damage it does to your skin can also be avoided. Here are some tips for preventing skin dryness during the winter season. Use More Moisturizer While moisturizing your skin regularly is something you should always do to keep it healthy, it is even more important in the winter.

Dry Skin? A Natural Skin-Softening Solution

You want your skin to feel soft when you caress it, but you may want to avoid products with questionable ingredients. Well, this guide will show you why your skin may be dry, and you’ll learn about a natural solution that should soften your skin. Dry Skin Causes You should first learn about some of the things that may be drying your skin before you get into how to soften it.

5 Things You Need To Know About Lichen Simplex Chronicus

Lichen simplex chronicus, also known as neurodermatitis, is a skin disorder that is caused by excessive scratching. Here are five things you need to know about it. What are the signs of lichen simplex chronicus? If you have lichen simplex chronicus, you will notice that you have raised patches in areas of your skin that you have been scratching. These patches tend to have a rough, scaly texture and will either be red or brown.

Unwanted Facial Hair? 3 Things You Should Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular nonsurgical aesthetic procedures that women clamor after. While this hair removal method can be used anywhere on the body, it is a favorite among women who want to get rid of facial hair. If you have facial hair and are thinking about looking into laser hair removal, you owe it to yourself to learn all you can about the procedure. Following are three things you should know before getting laser hair removal.

Don't Let Too Much Of A Good Thing Spoil Your Fun

For some people, the arrival of cold weather means a chance to head off to a warmer climate and enjoy the sun. The lure of a warm sand beach can keep you out in the sun way too long. Your body provides a natural resistance to the effect of the sun’s rays, and lotion can keep you out even longer. But there is a limit to how much sun your skin can take before problems develop.

Red Light, Blue Light: Should You Give Light Therapy The Green Light For Treating Your Acne?

Light therapy is a treatment that is said to be able to help acne sufferers by reducing the amount and severity of breakouts they experience. However, at-home devices can cost hundreds of dollars, and you may not want to open your wallet without proof that these devices and the light therapy technology behind them actually works. This guide will explain what exactly blue and red light therapies are, and whether you can benefit from them or not.